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Super Effective Smoking Cessation.  The jury is NOT out. Study after study show that quitting with hypnosis is far and away more effective than other approaches. We know you’ve tried before. Maybe you’ve quit for a couple weeks or more. Or maybe not even a day. Don’t worry, that’s what we hear from all of our clients. Our program is currently running at an over 90% success rate, so are you READY to quit? Learn more here, and read the studies if you’d like…

Defeat Fears & Stress. We know what you’ve been told: “learn to live with it.” We know you’ve probably tried Xanax, Prozac, etc. but the fear, anxiety and stress effects are still there. The associations your mind creates between certain things in your life and those bad feelings CAN be reversed, and you can easily learn to live a life with more freedom and peace. Find out how…


MED0001189Hypnosis for Autism.  ChangeWorks is home to one of the few experts in the country in hypnosis for high functioning autism and Asperger’s. If you are looking for an alternative approach based on proven effective techniques, you will want to talk with Jody in a free consultation. View the videos and read the information on our page on hypnosis for autism. Hypnosis does not interfere with any medications your child may be on and is 100% safe and empowering.  Explore this option further…

Hypnosis for children

Hypnosis is for Children, too! As parents, we understand how much you want your children to live happy, free of fears, anxiety and bad habits, and how important it is to find a solution that works without unwanted side effects or drug interactions. ChangeWorks offers Pediatric Hypnosis in the Twin Cities for issues from hair pulling, to fear of the dark, to innovative and effective solutions for ADD/ADHD and High Functioning Autism.  Learn more…

Woman on a scalesWeight Loss Hypnosis that Works. If you’re like the rest of our clients, you’ve tried “everything” else to lose the weight, but you’re still looking for the solution.  Maybe some things have worked for a time, but the weight has come back (and then some). Diets don’t work, temporary fixes don’t stick. Changing your relationship with food IS the answer. Read Cindy’s story, and hear from a few of our successful clients here…    

golf ball and clubMinnesota Sports Hypnosis. Sometimes you just need that extra edge.  When you KNOW you have the physical skills and it comes down to your mental game, hypnosis can give you that edge, as it has for so many pro athletes. We’ve helped high school, college and professional athletes to overcome mental hurdles to peak performance. What is your goal? Aim high, and hit your target with sports hypnosis!  Learn more…


Yes, we can help you. Haven’t you put up with it long enough? If you are truly ready for change, call us at (952) 356-0010 to schedule your consultation.

ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center is the place for you to reinvent and empower yourself to be the person you wish to be.  Most people in life find that they need help along the way to make their life more enjoyable and fulfilling; to change those habits that they just can’t seem to change themselves.

Perhaps there is a specific goal you want to reach, or a bad habit that you need to stop.  Here at ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center our job is to guide you down the path to your goals using a client centered approach, personalizing every session to maximize the time we spend together, en-route to your goal.

Your hypnotherapists are Cindy Locher, BCH and Jody Kimmell, CHt. Two of the most highly trained and respected hypnotherapists in the Midwest, Cindy and Jody have received their training from the most highly respected and recognized hypnotherapy training colleges in the United States. Cindy and Jody contribute back to the community, teaching at Normandale Community College and other venues.

Hypnosis, and its use in the practice of Hypnotherapy, has rapidly become mainstream. Hypnosis was recognized by the American Medical Association is 1958 for its benefits in working as a complementary medical adjunct for the treatment of physical and mental challenges.

ChangeWorks is at the forefront of this movement toward mainstream hypnosis in the Twin Cities, and has been selected by such organizations as HealthPartners and Education Minnesota to provide hypnotherapy services to their employees and members.  Cindy and Jody also partner with a number of physicians in the Twin Cities area to use natural methods to improve our mutual clients’ health. Learn more about the uses of hypnosis in the field of medicine.

Hypnosis is commonly used to remove bad habits, or to improve on good habits.  Click this link to learn more about the methods Cindy and Jody use while working with clients.

When you have reviewed the information on this site, call our scheduling line for  free, personalized consultation at (952) 356-0010.

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