Hypnosis and the Two Minds

Your two minds

Your two minds

Hypnosis and The Two Minds When people talk about hypnosis, most believe that it is a world of fluff and magic. Your first experience with it may be from movies or stage shows. But it can also be used in transformational therapy, where it can help personal and professional goals.

What are the two minds?

The first one is our conscious mind – the one most people think controls their goal setting and their success. It’s our usual and normal state of thought, as we think over problems, think of opportunities and access information from our environment. It’s responsible for remembering where you left your keys, or whether to turn left or right while you’re driving.

Many people think their conscious mind is their most powerful mind, but it only represents 10 percent of our thinking.

While the conscious mind is at work during the waking stage, the subconscious mind is working simultaneously. It’s accessing millions of pieces of information at lighting-fast speed. You don’t really ‘think’ of it, as it’s in the background, processing the ‘subliminal’ and ‘imaginary’ thinking.

The subconscious mind is responsible for an immense amount of information. It’s responsible for our automatic and involuntary reactions. It also represents 90 percent of our thinking. It’s responsible for putting together all the stored information and ideas and then sends those to the conscious mind. While you think an idea just “comes off the top of your head”, it’s already been processed through your subconscious.

Hypnosis can address this mind and help it perform better by removing negative beliefs or limiting thoughts. We all experience these so-called mental blocks but don’t realize how to get rid of them.

If you’re concerned about hypnosis, it’s a natural state that we’ve all experienced. Have you ever been driving your car and not carefully thinking about every stoplight or turn? Somehow, you arrive at your destination. You may even joke that your car knew the way. Actually, you were in a trance-like or hypnotic state.

With the process of focusing and deep relaxation exercises, a person can address this background state. The conscious mind takes a less active role during hypnosis. It’s a temporary reversal of the two minds’ daily roles. By addressing the subconscious, you can overcome health problems or other issues and reach toward your life’s goals.

Hypnosis can help you address the more powerful mind – the stronger mind, where you can achieve the great accomplishments you’ve always desired.

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