This is 100% about YOU

hypnosis focusWe have a statement on our home page here at, “This is 100% About You.”

I’d like to share some thoughts about what that means to us, Jody and me.

Here are just a couple of the reasons this work focuses on you and why that’s important.

Most people, in our experience, don’t know how or are not comfortable with focusing on themselves in a healthy way.

During your sessions, our focus is 100% on you.  The work is driven by your goals, your desire for change, your choices. The type of hypnotherapy we practice, “Client Centered Diversified Hypnotherapy,” requires that we “work with what emerges.”  That requires deep, focused listening on our parts  Many clients are surprised at the insights and “aha” moments they have during sessions because they have never had another person focus on and listen to them in this way.  This creates an atmosphere where the client begins to learn to focus on, and listen to, themselves.  In this way, the “work” done here in the office becomes a new skill that transfers to our clients’ lives.

All change begins with awareness, and your awareness increases with focused concentration (aka, “hypnosis”).

Many times the focus of the work we do with a client changes as they become more fully aware of what is really underlying their sense of frustration/dissatisfaction/need for change.

This is tremendously beneficial because until you become aware of what change is really needed, you’re likely to spend a lot of time, energy, even money, trying to change the symptoms instead of going to the root of the issue.

Example: One client who was a flight attendant who had developed a fear of flying.  Yes, that’s right, after 20 plus years, she’d developed a fear of flying, which she struggled through for quite some time before coming to ChangeWorks.  Through the focused work it quickly (within a couple of sessions) came to her awareness that the fear of flying was only a symptom.  At a deep level she was ready for a change and no longer wanted to be a flight attendant.  The fear was her subconscious mind’s attempt to help her, by keeping her off of planes.

Without the benefit of hypnosis and the deep, focused attention she experienced in her sessions, how much longer would she have tried to deal with the symptom, rather than make the change she really needed to make? (She was a trained chef, and went on to practice the culinary arts and leave flying for her pleasure rather than her occupation.)

In short, there’s no way to do this work “right” without having the work be 100% about YOU.  And don’t you deserve it?


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