Sugar is officially addictive and dangerous

hypnosis for sugar addictionSugar has officially been called addictive

We’ve known this, or should have.

The food companies have known it for decades.  And now researchers are calling for regulation on sugar like there is for alcohol and tobacco.

It will never happen of course.

Which means it will continue to be up to you to control your sugar intake and avoid this highly addictive substance.

As it should be.  I don’t really think “they” should regulate sugar.  I think you and I need to regulate our own sugar consumption (and if you’re a parent, of course, your kids’ sugar consumption.)

Read the recent findings here:

It is true.  Sugar lights up the brain like cocaine.  This isn’t really new. I recommend you read a book called “Sugar, Salt, Fat” by Michael Moss to learn how the big food companies in America have, for decades, been altering the amounts of sugar, salt & fat in our foods to create what they call “the bliss point” — the point where that food is highly addictive.

There’s a reason you “can’t eat just one.”  The food’s been engineered that way.  That should make you mad. It made me mad when I read it and I created a hypnosis audio called “Eliminate Demon Sugar” after reading the book.

When this new research and warning broke the news yesterday, I wanted to do something more to help, so I’m giving you “Eliminate Demon Sugar” for 50% off, only for those of you on this emailing list, my past customers.

hypnosis for sugar addictionFollow the link below and then enter the discount code HALFDEMON in the discount code box, update the shopping cart, and proceed with your checkout.  I also HIGHLY recommend “Sugar, Salt, Fat” by Michael Moss which you can find on Amazon. If I could give you a copy of that, I would, but it’s not mine to give.

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