Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

• Have you tried other methods to stop smoking…only to have them fail?
• Are you ready to succeed this time?
• Can you imagine how good your life would be if you were free from cigarettes?
• Are you tired of spending your money to risk your health?
BELIEVE IT! You CAN quit–you just haven’t tried the right method yet!


A Testimonial from Ron

Hi I’m Cindy Locher.  I lost both of my parents to lung cancer due to smoking. I have a delightful daughter, Grace, who never met her grandparents. I tell her stories, but it makes me so sad that she’ll never really know how wonderful they were. Who will miss you the most when smoking cuts your life short by 10 years?

Of course, no-one dreams of burning a fortune, destroying their health, and ruining their appearance. Yet smokers do exactly that. Whatever else may be true about the relief of stress or the immediate good feeling a person gets from smoking a cigarette, honest smokers will tell you that, after several years, they notice the decline in energy, the loss of memory, the extra wrinkles, the bedroom performance isues, the diministed breathing capacity and the other negative effects of cigarettes.

We designed this hypnosis program to help you quit smoking permanently, using proven NLP and hypnosis smoking techniques.  Our hearts are in this work.  That’s why we don’t do smoking cessation in a single hypnosis session, because research has shown that approach to have only a 25% long term success rate. I want the best approach for our clients.

Nicotine replacement methods like the patch and gum have less than a 15% success rate, and they come with unwanted side effects and the potential for secondary addictions.  Chantix is causing all sorts of strange side effects.  Hypnosis has NO negative or unwanted side-effects, is completely 100% natural, and multiple session hypnosis has a 67% success rate (some studies show even higher), the highest success rate of any smoking cessation method.

Call today to book your free consultation:  (952) 356-0010

This program provides you with:

•  In-person, custom hypnosis sessions, each one week apart. These are real sessions, not tapes.

•   A tapering approach, if you choose it, giving your mind and your body the time it needs to adjust to becoming a non-smoker again (after all, being a non-smoker is your original, natural state)

•   Audio reinforcement hypnosis smoking CD in between sessions and for after your Quit Date

•   A set of principles based on the best smoking cessation research, designed to break all of your positive associations with smoking, to remove the “habit” portion of the smoking habit, not just the nicotine.

It’s time. It’s time to let go, let God, and let myself be healed. I owe it all to you. I can’t thank you enough.  What you have done is be a part in saving my life.  I hope you know that!  I will keep in touch and let you know how I am doing.  I am …. a permanent non-smoker!”
— Jodi B.


Yes! I’m ready to become a permanent non-smoker!

Call today!  (952) 356-0010


Need more information?  Check the  Smoking cessation research page and review for yourself the numerous studies that prove the effectiveness of hypnosis for use in smoking cessation.  And keep in mind, these are just a few studies, there are hundreds more that we don’t have the space for here.

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