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Cindy Locher speakerAre you looking for an engaging speaker and FASCINATING content for your  organization or civic group, or next employee event?

Cindy Locher, Board Certified Hypnotherapist and owner of ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center, is available to speak for your group event.

Cindy’s online Press Kit is available here.

Cindy provides free talks* between 30 and 60 minutes for:

  • Lunch-and-learns
  • Employee Appreciation Events
  • Retreats
  • Wellness & Health Fairs
  • Your Civic Organization or Local Chamber Event

Cindy will provide a fascinating and engaging talk on your choice of the following topics:

Cindy Locher speaks“Your Magical Mind”  

  • Cindy’s keynote talk is Your Magical Mind, a motivational talk that shows the audience or listeners
    • what is happening in your mind when they feel stuck;
    • that if you are able to imagine something then the capability lies within you;
    • teaches the five ways the subconscious mind learns, so that you can intentionally program your own subconscious mind, using those hard-wired learning pathways;
    • gives concrete evidence that you are capable of more than you previously thought possible.
    • WARNING: once you have learned and accepted the ideas presented in this talk, you will never be able to see yourself, your life and your world the same way again!

    This is a motivational talk suited to entrepreneurs, business professionals and anyone who feels they want more out of life but are just not sure what is holding them back!

Cindy Locher speakerYou will learn:

  • How much of your mind do you REALLY use?
  • How can you un-learn a habit or create a new one?
  • How does stress and anxiety severely limit your ability to perform at your peak, and what can you do to reverse that?
  • Could you be one of those people under long term stress and not even know it?

Learn how to tap deeper resources of your mind, discover what your mind can do and how to harness the untapped power of YOUR mind in this amazing, interactive and experiential talk.

Watch a short video below of Cindy giving this talk, to get an idea of her style and whether she’s a good fit for your group or event.

“What is Hypnosis? with LIVE Hypnosis Demonstration!”

Curious about exactly WHAT hypnosis is and what it feels like to be hypnotized? Interested in what many have called a “mini stage show” demonstrating hypnotic phenomenon LIVE to your group?

More than just a party trick, hypnosis can eliminate limiting beliefs, change habits, reduce stress and install new, positive beneficial beliefs in yourself and your abilities.

  • Learn what the brainwaves are and what they have to do with hypnosis;
  • Finally answer the question:  Do you have to be weak-minded to be hypnotized?
  • Experience hypnotic phenomenon and a group hypnosis experience and maybe one lucky volunteer will experience much more!
  • Leave with a motivated, “I can do it!” mindset!

An hour is required for the full talk with complete demonstration; shorter versions can be accommodated, but will not allow time for individual experiences, only group experiences.

Call Cindy at 763/218-3231 to schedule today!


“Mind-Body Techniques to Eliminate Fears and Anxieties” 

Anxieties live in your mind. Learn how to talk to your mind the right way to calm down and be in control again. Are fears getting in your, or your employees’ way of being your best and most productive? Cindy sees hundreds of clients from major corporations in the Twin Cities and helps them alleviate their fear of public speaking and other types of anxieties preventing their peak performance in the job. How much higher in your organization could you shine if your fears weren’t in the way? Learn quick, effective, specific techniques that work for 95% of people.

Cindy is an experienced and professional speaker and corporate trainer who teaches at Normandale Community College and presents at national level conferences throughout the year. Cindy is the co-author, with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series) of Mastering the Art of Success, and is currently working on her next book detailing her client-centered approach to anxiety called, “I’ve Tried Everything: Finding Relief from Anxiety through Hypnosis.”

Contact Cindy for a fun and high-participation talk your employees will enjoy and remember!

*Free talks are available between 30 and 60 minutes; longer versions of the above talks are also available as workshops for a speaker’s fee. Certain conditions apply for free talks.

Cindy can be reached directly for bookings at 763/218-3231; she is a member of the ISN National Speakers Bureau.  Cindy’s online Press Kit is available here.

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