SPC Testimonials

The following are testimonials from people who have taken the course at various organizations (see a partial list of companies and organizations who have implemented this training).  In most cases code numbers rather than names are provided for privacy reasons.

Participant:  R. P. B-81, A41

“I am convinced now I have made relaxation a habit.

I am confident, too, that my new positive, winning attitude can accomplish the results I need to meet all my realistic goals.  This is true even though my age [around 65] is such that it is easy to have serious doubts if I were to allow them to develop.

At work SPC has helped by teaching me to take a more deliberate and analytical approach and therefore achieve more reasonable solutions to my problems.

I think an SPC program is absolutely essential in a corporate organization in order to develop maximum performance and output among its members.

Corporation work programs such as North American Rockwell have impos­sible schedules, almost impossible goal requirements and a need for maximum cooperation between all members.  Almost all workers in such a situation will develop an extremely tense personality where their creative output reaches minimum because of the impossible schedules and goals.  SPC will develop a calmness in these individuals so that their efficiency is increased tremendously and their awareness of the other person’s point of view and his requirements are greatly enhanced to the point where cooperation and efficiency of the overall program results in a much better end result.”

Participant:  J.B. B-62, A-53

“Procrastination – Have done one or two extra chores every night instead of putting it off until there is no time left.  This includes paying bills, letters, etc.

Diet & Health – Started doing exercises at home.  Have also done pretty well with my meals.  Have already lost a few pounds.

Smoking – Have cut down considerably.  Have gone without one as much as four hours at a time at work where the pressure is the greatest.

Work – Work running more smoothly now.  Not as many redo’s from frustration or  aggravation and the time element is no longer creating excessive tension.

I am convinced the program works.  For years I’ve read books oriented along these lines, but this course seemed to show how to accomplish your goals.”

Participant:  E. B. B-60, A-5

“This course has been helpful in many ways toward improving my self-image.  My confidence and positive thoughts have strengthened a great amount.

My life is a much happier one which gives off a glow of warm vibrations to others around me.  I’m able to concentrate on a positive thought whenever I desire.  Problems, large or small, at work or at home, no longer pose a threat of failure because I am assured I can solve any.

Since my self-image has improved, I find that I like myself even more and am able to do much more than I’ve done in the past.  Now that I realize I have the ability, I know I will be successful most of the time.  I am confident I will accomplish my goals, both short and long range.  Without this course, I wonder where would I be today?”

Participant:   R.G B-30, A-12

“I have greatly reduced tension.  My sex life has improved considerably and I feel I have a more positive attitude toward the future.  My memory and reading comprehension have improved.  And I am able to shut out outside interference when thinking.

While my problems were not as great as many people, I can see where everyone could benefit from this course.  I feel it was worth the time and money.”

Participant:   A.P. B-89, A-57

“I have learned the techniques, I have the tools – now the rest is up to me.  The class has definitely helped me.  For instance, no one could have hated a job more than I did; I despised going to work in the mornings.  Now, I really enjoy my job – I don’t mind getting up and going to work.  I really like the people I work with now.  I just changed my attitude and everything just seemed to shape up.

Also, I have lost 7 lbs.  I have started and am continuing an exercise program every day at noon.  Have been running a mile at noon instead of eating lunch.  I have something light at dinner – absolutely no sweets, and sweets were my weakness.

So, I will have to say the class has been a success for me.  My weight and work problems seem to be going okay now so I think I’ll start trying for self-confi­dence (that will be a tough one but I know I’ll be able to make it).”

Participant:  D.P. B-85, A-52

“This has opened my eyes to a lot of little things that are really big.  Find myself thinking clearly again and normal.  Also, I’ve noticed that more done lately in shorter time and with less effort.  I find that I’m now able to get vivid blue on the Stress Card more and more frequently.  I’m definitely going to continue work­ing with this program.”

Participant:   R. B-98, A-93

“In the past, under pressure, I’d run.  Now I don’t.  Example – In a night class I am taking I have noticed a complete change of attitude.  Before I would easily become discouraged and be quick to give up and drop the class.  Now I find myself sticking to it and no longer so afraid of the teacher.

I find that SPC has also helped with my job – because I can keep calm long enough to learn it.  Previously I would be so upset during the learning period it took twice as long.  I use the quick count-down when I get in a tight spot and it seems to help quite a bit.  Also, there is an annoying person whom I work with – I can for the most part, with the countdown, keep my feelings in control so as not to upset the entire office.”

Participant:  R.R. B-86, A-63

“I feel that I have learned the tools to help myself over the past six weeks.

Before the course I rated myself low in self-confidence and positive thinking.  Now I find myself catching myself as soon as I become aware of the situation and program in that I am confident in my abilities.  When I think negatively I immediately disregard the thought and think of a positive thought.  I think I have reversed my negative pattern.

As far as habits are concerned, I am working on one that has grown since childhood.  I recently have had success in controlling this habit for the first time in approximately 30 years – three successes in a row.  This has helped my ego and my confidence to a great degree.

Also, I had trouble sleeping at times.  Now when I go to bed I go through a complete programming input and relax much more than before, thereby getting to sleep earlier and more relaxed.  As a result I am on time for work and more relaxed during the day.  And my mind is not as cluttered up with negative thoughts and fears during the day.  Therefore I am able to get more work accomplished.

I look forward to working hard on all areas with the tools learned in the class.”

Participant C.Y. (Southwest College)

“When I first enrolled in this course some of my goals that I wanted to accomp­lish were: Becoming more confident and more assertive.  As far as being more confident in myself it did not take but just one session (using the Pendulum Technique).  This particular technique relaxed me in such a way that program­ming into my mind that I would have  more  confidence  in  myself  worked instantly.  I  now  feel  that  I  can  do anything that I set my mind to.

Another goal was that I wanted to be more assertive.  As a child and young adult, I have always felt like speaking up and expressing myself, but there was always some type of force holding me back, and as a result of this people have taken advantage of me.  Some examples of my new assertiveness are as follows:

While working in an office with several other secretaries, I found out that most of the workload was being placed on me by my supervisor.  She would always compliment me for doing such an excellent job, but being overworked was getting the best of me.  This was when I realized that I had to do something.  I talked with my supervisor and told her that I felt that I was overworked and that other secretaries were there also.  She “got the message”.  The work was then divided equally.

Just recently I was designated to relieve the (phone) operator for her lunch hour.  I felt that since there were five other people who were experienced in operating the (phone) console, that a schedule should be made up, giving each person a particular day to relieve the operator.  Without hesitating, I imme­diately brought it to the attention of the supervisor, who thought it was a good idea.  The very next day a schedule was made up and now I only have one day per week to operate the (phone) console.

A goal that was not previously mentioned was trying to combat my asthma attacks. I tried once using the 20-10 countdown, but it did not work; however, I was determined that it would work.  A few days after my first try, I felt an attack coming on, so I kept telling myself over and over that “I was not going to have an attack.” I repeated it over and over also counting to myself until I felt my “chest” loosening up and my breathing slowed down.  To my own amazement I did not have an attack.

This has been about one month ago and I have not had an attack since.  I used to carry my medication in my purse each day, but now I do not carry any medication at all.”

Participant:  P.S. B-68, A-12

“Have achieved positive results from the 6 week program; feel that this is only the beginning.  This course gave me the tools, now I must continue to use them to continue the progress.

I was particularly impressed with my ability to remember names.  This was always a weak point with me.  I find that I am also starting to gain confidence in my handling of situations at work that bugged me before and am much more relaxed when making presentations to a group of people.

I was quite pleased with the “before” and “after” results of the Willoughby test.

I really “dig” the “positive thought” technique.  I use this every day.  This is the biggest thing I have learned to date.  I now try to concentrate on my successes as much as possible.”

Participant:  A.S. B-82, A-40

“I thought the course was well presented.  I have obtained positive results in my blood pressure reduction goal and find I am more relaxed now.  I have also made some slight progress in my weight reduction goal.

Thanks to the short-cut techniques I can automatically relax when problems come up at work and find I can deal with others more easily.”

Participant L.G.

“One thing I would like to say here is how amazed I am as to how fast this program has worked.  At first, I must admit, I was somewhat skeptical whether it would work or not.  Even after the first couple of times, I thought it would work, but thought it would take quite a while.  I can’t believe in only six weeks so much has happened.  I almost feel like a completely new person.  And the more I believe in it, the stronger its effect.  I am starting to work on some personal areas of my life, like opening up and being more honest with people close to me.”

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