Custom hypnosis sessions are the quickest way to address any issue. Whether you want to kick a habit, lose weight, or eliminate a fear, insomnia or address a health issues such as IBS or chronic pain, the in-office sessions are always customized to you, to be certain that you are getting the best and fastest resolution to your problem.

For your convenience, we offer the following session options:

•Private, one-on-one sessions;
•Semi-private sessions for two or more individuals working on the same issue (at a reduced rate per person);
•Phone sessions for clients who are outside of the Twin Cities metro area.

Most of the work that can be done in-office can also be done by phone, if for any reason coming into the office is not the best option for you. To determine whether your issue can be resolved by phone, simply call for a half-hour phone consultation and we will make that determination together.

We encourage you to take a look at the pages that talk about the issue you would like to resolve with hypnosis, and then call the office at (952) 356-0010 or click the link below to book an appointment. 

Issues that we help people with every day include:

Quitting Smoking
Losing Weight
Ending Insomnia, other sleep issues
Hypnosis for Children
Hypnosis for Autism, ADD, ADHD
Sports Improvement
Anxieties, Fears & Phobias
Test Taking Anxiety
Fear of Public Speaking
Chronic Pain And More….

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