Past Client Interviews

For your consideration, posted below are audio interviews with past clients.  These are longer interviews, so rather than mix them in with testimonials, we’re putting them here separately.  Each interview is captioned with a brief description of the presenting issue, such as anxiety, etc.

1. Dan: Overcoming Long Term Anxiety

Listen in as Dan, a past client of Cindy’s at ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center in Apple Valley, MN, discusses his history with 9 years of crippling anxiety, and how he finally succeeded (after “trying everything”) in overcoming his anxiety.*

2.  Julie:  Overcoming Anxiety, Chatterbox Mind and a Sense of Persecution at Work

Join Cindy as she talks with Julie, a recent client at ChangeWorks who came in with issues of workplace anxiety and “monkey mind.” Julie shares with us how she came to ChangeWorks and what improvements she experienced as a result of the work she did and strategies she learned.*

3.  Jen: Overcoming Idiopathic Hypersomnia

“Jen” came in complaining of always being tired, with a diagnosis of Idiopathic (unknown cause) Hypersomnia (tired and sleepy all the time).

Listen as Jen explains how for between 5 and 6 years this affected her life and despite seeing multiple doctors and sleep studies, nothing had improved the condition until she tried hypnosis; and despite being skeptical, her problem was completely gone in just a few sessions*.

Techniques used included direct suggestion, metaphor and affect bridge regression.




*Disclaimer: Everyone’s different, and of course your results may vary.  It is unethical to guarantee changes in human behavior and much depends on your motivation. We do require a consultation during which the program will be explained, and your motivation will be evaluated. We do not accept everyone who approaches us to do this work because we believe that your success is our success and we work to set you up to succeed.








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