Your Success is Our Business!

We have heard from so many of our clients, “wow, I would really like to keep coming for hypnosis sessions, if I could afford it.”

Now you can!

ChangeWorks has put together a program where you can continue to get monthly or bi-monthly 30 or 60 minute sessions at a greatly reduced cost.

Imagine having the stress relief, health benefits and ongoing reinforcement of hypnosis every month! You have your choice of 3 plans-one of them is just right for you!

Here’s how it works.

When you choose your plan, you sign up with your credit card and are billed monthly.  Each month you get minutes put into your “hypno-bank account.” You choose how and when you use these minutes (based on scheduling availability, of course).  Enjoy a 30 minute session each month, or save your minutes up for a longer session if you want to do therapeutic work.

  • Enjoy 30 minute non-therapeutic sessions.  You have a wide variety of choices in non-therapeutic sessions: stress relief, immunity boosting, goal reinforcement for weight release or smoking cessation; create a hypnotic solution to a short term issue (a “negativity shield” for when your in-laws are coming to visit, etc.) or choose a “fun” hypnosis session and experience a hot air balloon ride or trip to the stars. Regardless of the session topic, you get all of the “gimme” benefits of hypnosis-stress reduction, immunity system boost, reduced inflammation, and better sleep.
  • Package “extras,” including a free digital voice recorder/mp3 player to keep your hypnosis library; free admission to Cindy’s 6 hour self hypnosis workshop; a selection of professionally recorded hypnosis audios from
  • Combine minutes with the Gold plan.  The Gold plan gives you the option of saving up and combining minutes, giving you a 60 minute session (which can be therapeutic) for just $130.  The Platinum plan is an even greater value, giving you 60 minutes each month, which you can break into (2) 30 minute sessions for increased reinforcement, or use as 60 minute therapeutic sessions, which means you’re paying only $115 for full hypnosis session.
  • Each plan gives you a full year of ongoing support for your Never-Ending Success!


Compare the packages below.

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