Client story: overcoming long term anxiety

employee stressDo you struggle with anxiety? The kind where you wake up in the morning and your first thoughts and feelings are of dread and fear?

That was my client Dan, and he’d been that way for about 9 years. He’d done regular talk therapy, his doctor had advised he sell a couple of his businesses (he did) but the anxiety remained.

Hypnotherapy worked for Dan.  It was a two-pronged approach (it usually is).  First, to clear his mind of the pattern that was creating the anxiety, then for him to create a regular, on-going self hypnosis/meditative practice to keep his mind centered and calm. I always tell my clients “you’ve got to dance with the one that brought you.” Meaning, hypnosis will make you feel better in a pretty short period of time, and then you have to keep moving your mind into those calming brainwaves of hypnosis.  This isn’t true for every issue, but for anxiety, especially the type Dan is describing, it is usually the case.  This is not necessarily true with issues like single-trigger fears and phobias (fear of snakes, bees, whatever), unless the person is also experiencing more generalized sorts of anxious feelings.

Dan learned to start his day with positive thoughts, to re-center his mind during the day using quick self-hypnosis techniques, and was able to take a vacation with his family without “ruining it” with his anxiety and then becoming depressed afterward because of his guilt.

Dan was delighted, and kind enough to do a 20 minute interview with me and in the audio below, he discusses his history with 9 years of what he called crippling anxiety, and how he finally succeeded (after “trying everything”) in overcoming his anxiety.

If this is familiar to you, I can help.  Contact me through the form below, I’m happy to email, DM or arrange a time to chat on the phone.

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