Hypnosis improves deep sleep, according to new study

hypnosis for sleepA new study confirms the effective of hypnosis for improving sleep quality.  Why is this important?

In my holistic hypnotherapy practice, I always ask my clients about their sleep quality and quantity.  Getting proper sleep is a foundational requirement of the body and the mind.  Poor sleep can and does lead to and/or exacerbate a variety of issues, including weight gain, anxiety, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and diabetes, and others.  You can read more about the surprising effects of poor sleep at WebMD.

Since my practice opened, I have found success with clients for a variety of issues, notably obesity and anxiety, where other approaches had failed for those clients, due to the holistic focus of our practice and our concentration on addressing the underlying causes of the clients’ presenting issues, not just the symptoms. That surprises some clients, who come in to work on fears or feelings of anxiety and are asked about their sleep, diet and relationships! That’s why I’m pleased to see hypnosis as an adjunct or complementary approach being taken more and more seriously by the established medical profession, and I was delighted to see this study come across my desk yesterday.  Here’s a synopsis of the study findings below.

If you want to read the full article, just click through the link at the bottom of this post. If you’re struggling with any issue–even if it seems odd to relate it to sleep–check your sleep quality.  You may know that you aren’t getting the quality sleep you need, or you may be getting sub-quality sleep without being aware of it.  Sometimes a sleep study is in order (check with your doctor) but there are now tools you can use at home, like the FitBit with sleep monitor.  Good sleep begins with good sleep hygiene and a deeper awareness of how the body is designed to work.  Here is a video that explains the link between anxiety and blood sugar, which is linked to sleep, to give you a bit more information.  Remember, all change begins with awareness!

THURSDAY, June 19, 2014 (HealthDay News) — A short session of hypnosis might lead to a better night’s sleep, says a team of Swiss researchers. After listening to a sleep-promoting audio tape containing hypnotic suggestion, women who are suggestible to hypnosis spent two-thirds less time awake, and about 80 percent more time in deep sleep compared to those who slept without the hypnotic suggestion. “There have been many reports that hypnosis can be a good thing for promoting sleep,” said study co-author Bjorn Rasch, a professor with the department of psychology in the division of biopsychology and methods at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. “However, usually they’ve been based on people just subjectively indicating how well they feel they’ve slept as a result,” Rasch noted. The new study is the first to assess via measures of brain-wave activity “the positive impact hypnosis has on deep sleep and to show that it is, in fact, real,” he said.

Continue reading at WebMD Cindy Locher, BCH is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, author, speaker, and the owner and operator of ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center and the Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy in Apple Valley, MN.  She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Twin Cities Holistic Practitioners Association.

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