Hypnosis for Children with Dyslexia

Hypnosis for dyslexia

Hypnosis for dyslexia

We do quite a bit of hypnotherapy with children here at ChangeWorks, and so I’ve decided to spend a few posts focusing on children’s issues that can be helped with hypnosis, including dyslexia.

Today, I want to discuss using hypnosis for dyslexia.   Did you know dyslexia is very responsive to hypnosis? In a study on dyslexia in 1975, Crasilneck and Hall showed that over 75% of dyslexic children can be helped with direct hypnosis. Following hypnotherapy that included suggestions for improving performance and pronunciation, recognition of words became automatic and more rapid. The results in this study were as good as, or slightly better than, those reported by special behavior modifiers.

Imagine the joy of a child who not only finds himself able to read more easily and comfortably, but that ability came out of his own efforts, taught to apply his mind in a special way using hypnosis!

As a parent myself, and as a parent who has used hypnosis with my child, I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful and relieving it is to find something that WORKS, is natural, is not a drug, and that gives your child the self confidence and increased self esteem that hypnosis does.  That’s because when we work with a child using hypnotic techniques, we teach them fun techniques that THEY do, back at home or at school, and we always emphasize to them that THEY are the ones solving their problems.  Because they are, with a little help from a caring adult that can teach them.

Contrast that to giving a kid medicine, (“drugs”) to solve their problem, whatever that may be. What does that say to the kid? (Or to us as adults, really?)  It says, “YOU can’t solve your own problem.  You are helpless to solve it on your own, it needs to be solved by this medicine, something outside of you.  You are going to be dependent on this in order to feel normal.  So, you really are not normal, because other kids don’t need medicine to feel normal.”

Wow.  If you think kids don’t get this sub-text message from being medicated for their issues, think again.  And we’ve seen the joy and pride in self that comes from learning how to feel different, to feel in control, and to have different results from learning simple hypnosis techniques.  It is PRICELESS to see, as a parent (and as a hypnotherapist too!).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-medicine. There are some situations that simply require it. But we’ve gotten into the habit of assuming medicine is the only solution, and looking to that solution first. Sometimes it makes sense to try an alternative solution first, or  at the same time as a complement to the medical solution.

If you’re wondering if hypnosis can help your child or someone you know, contact us to book a consultation (it’s free and fun!) at (952) 356-0010.  And take a look at more information on hypnosis for children on our website.

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