Hypnosis for Childbirth

ChangeBirth program

ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center is pleased to offer our ChangeBirth Program providing hypno-birthing childbirth preparation for expectant mothers.

What is hypnosis for childbirth? It is a proven method that prepares the expectant mother in giving birth in a gentle and peaceful way. Our ChangeBirth program prepares you emotionally and psychologically, and also addresses well-being of the mother, her birth partner, and the newborn.

Hypnosis for childbirth has taken the world in a gentle storm of change, as women are learning that the childbirth experience can be more gentle, natural and a beautiful experience. Truly, changing your perception and expectations changes your experience.

daisy-3_clipped_rev_1How is ChangeBirth hypnosis for childbirth different?  Instead of feeling pain, ChangeBirth mothers often describe the experience as feeling pressure and use the word “surges” or “waves” instead of contractions. At the core, yes—it’s mind over matter, and thousands of women have proven it works.

Who is using hypnosis for childbirth? We’re not swayed by celebrity endorsements here at ChangeWorks, but the adoption of this method of child birthing is made more visible and therefore more accessible to everyone when it’s publicly mentioned.  And that most often happens when there are celebrities involved.

So, here is a short list of celebrities who have adopted this method:

Kate Middleton
Jessica Alba
Stephen & Tabitha King
hypnobirthing minneapolisCindy Crawford
Demi Moore
Pamela Anderson
Jade Jagger
Ricki Lake
John Travolta and Kelly Preston
Lisa Bonet, a Hollywood mom and Lenny Kravitz
Sherilyn Fenn
Meryl Streep
Val Kilmer and Joanne Whaley-Kilmer
Lucy Lawless

Our ChangeBirth program is run by Carolyn Johnson, RN, CHt.  Carolyn is a Registered Nurse, a mother of four, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  If you’re interested or just curious and want to learn more, call to schedule a consultation with Carolyn, at (952) 356-0010.


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