Hypnosis for autism videos

Jody Kimmell hypnosis for autismMore videos with Jody Kimmell and clients, explaining the benefits received from using the techniques used and taught by Jody Kimmell in his work with children and adults with HFA/Aspergers/ASD.

Part 1: Jody talks with Eddie Shacter, a client with Aspergers, about his experiences prior to choosing to become a client.

Part 2: Jody talks with Eddie Shacter, a client about how things have improved for him because of working with is subconscious mind with hypnosis and self hypnosis.

Part 3 with Jody Kimmell talking with Eddie Shacter. Eddie explains how working with hypnosis has raised his awareness, and given him a “pause button” so that he can have greater executive function, and how that’s helped in his life.


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