Hypnosis for fears and anxiety

Suffering from irrational fears is like living life in a prison.

A prison created by your own mind.

Hypnosis can help.
You will be amazed how quickly and how much!
You will learn how to be in control of your mind’s reactions and your emotions.


A Testimonial from LeeAnn

Hypnosis can help. You will be amazed how quickly and how much! You will learn how to be in control of your mind’s reactions and your emotions.

Gaining the feeling of being in control is the #1 comment that I hear from my clients.

Do you have one of the following issues?

* Nervousness and apprehensions in social situations
* Feelings of loss of control
* Academic issues because of fears in test situations?
* Fears and Apprehensions about specific people or situations?
* Fear of Public Speaking
* Fear of Flying
* Other fears or “phobias”

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Many people refer to their reactions as anxiety, phobias, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, anxieties or panic attacks. It is important to note that these terms have become very commonly used and often times misused. Anxieties, phobias and panic disorders require treatment by a medical profession or mental health professional. However, many people who call their issues by these names in fact have fears and apprehensions that can be overcome with hypnosis anxiety techniques.

Your THOUGHTS create and trigger your EMOTIONAL RESPONSE. Your fears formed, unconsciously, when your mind associated a thought pattern and an emotional response with a stimulus. Those fears can be released and you can learn new thought patterns to and techniques to prevent future fears from forming as well!

How does it work?

* The relationship begins with a comprehensive intake history and surveys, conducted in person, to fully understand the genesis of your unwanted reactions, how it affects you and how you experience your feelings.

* First, we desensitize your mind to the specific triggers that have created the negative reaction in the past. This creates a freedom from the emotional reactions, and most people feel significantly better after just this step alone.

* Next, we use techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming to provide you with a new response to the situation that created the negative emotions in the past. This new response (which can be neutral or even pleasant) replaces your previous reaction, and trains the mind the correct way to respond. You learn, perhaps for the first time, a feeling of control over your mind’s reactions.

* Then, you are guided through a process which provides the subconscious mind with concrete evidence that you can experience the situations that caused you fear in the past in a calm, relaxed manner. This hypnosis anxiety eliminating process is recorded for you.

* Finally, you are taught a simple, drug-free method that you can use for a lifetime that reduces the activity in the amygdala and increases your brain’s production of serotonin and beta endorphins, thereby greatly reducing the potential for further anxieties to develop in the future.

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People with the following issues have been able to break out of their prison and live free again, using this process:

Shelly had a Fear of Public Speaking, which was significantly reduced in the very first session. Most people realize complete reduction of their symptoms in three sessions.

Bruce, who suffered from panic attacks and insomnia. Five years on anti-anxiety medicines, and after five hypnosis sessions and learning meditation, he felt able to quit his medicine.

Mike suffered from claustrophobia and was shipping out to Iraq. He was afraid that his claustrophobia would kick in when he was in the armored HumVees. After five sessions, Mike was ready, his fears behind him.

Alisa suffered from social apprehensions. She was unable to ride in a car unless she was driving, unable even to eat in public–her fear made it impossible to swallow. After just two hypnosis sessions, she ate dinner with her family at a restaurant!

Genie had a fear of flying and riding buses. Since she was a student on a large campus 2,000 miles from her family, this limited her life terribly. After three sessions, Genie flew back to her school without incident.

Alyssa, who suffered from test anxiety, offers the following message:

“In October of 2008, I took the ACT test. On the way to the test, I was fine, but when the time came to take the test, my nerves kicked in. During the whole test I was nervous because I knew that this test decided my future. When I received my score, I was not pleased. I let my nerves get to me. A couple months later I decided to take the test again. I wanted help to control my nerves. Hypnosis sounded like the best option for me. After only two sessions with Cindy, I took my ACT test. With only two sessions, I felt my nervousness disappear. I felt very calm and relaxed. I am so glad that I decided to do hypnosis.”

An Update!! On February 25, 2009 I received this email from Alyssa:

“Hi, It is Alyssa. I came to you about test taking.

I just wanted to let you know that you helped me so much. My ACT test score went up by 2 points. (Ed. Note: 2 points on the ACT is a BIG DEAL!)

Thanks for everything, Alyssa”

And there have been many more, with similar stories. These are real results from real people with real, everyday problems that we all face from time to time, who found success using hypnosis anxiety techniques. I love working with these issues because they respond so well to hypnosis. But it goes beyond that. When you work with me, you will learn new skills that will last you a lifetime. You will learn how to recognize and control your anxiety, and when you are in control, you are out of prison for good!

Call today, don’t spend another day in prison. You will notice the difference after just one session!

Call now ~ 763-218-3231

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