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ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center is the place

for you to reinvent and empower yourself to be the person you wish to be.  Most people in life find that they need help along the way to make their life more enjoyable and fulfilling; to change those habits that they just can’t seem to change themselves.

Perhaps there is a specific goal you want to reach,

or a bad habit that you need to stop.  Here at ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center our job is to guide you down the path to your goals using a client centered approach, personalizing every session to maximize the time we spend together, en-route to your goal.

Trusted by doctors across the Twin Cities,

ChangeWorks is the hypnosis center doctors frequently refer their patients to.  Our agreement with HealthPartners is in its fifth consecutive year, and our classes on Hypnosis and Medical Hypnosis are well attended by RNs, Nurse Practitioners, doctors, school nurses and more.  If you’re a medical professional, click here for information about referring your patient for hypnosis.

changeworks hypnosis

ChangeWorks is at the forefront of this movement toward mainstream hypnosis in the Twin Cities,

and has been selected by such organizations as HealthPartners, Education Minnesota (the state’s teacher’s union), cities like Brooklyn Park, corporations like American Family and the St. Paul Hotel, and even the Minnesota State Department of Corrections, to provide services to their employees and members.  Cindy and Jody also partner with a number of physicians in the Twin Cities area to use natural methods to improve our mutual clients’ health. Learn more about the uses of hypnosis in the field of medicine.

                       This is 100% about you.

The only way to find out if you can be accepted as a client is to call for your free screening.

Call (952) 356-0010 now to schedule your free screening.



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