Giving to Get — Hypnosis Minneapolis

I work with a number of clients on creating their ideal life–becoming the author of their life, living their dreams. Many of these people desire to be wealthy in one or more ways–materially wealthy, wealthy in love, in relationships, in having the ability to follow their passions. Many of you coming to this blog want to be wealthy in having a fulfilling, authentic love life.

I ask everyone to consider and answer this question, no matter what kind of wealth they seek: what are you going to give in return for what you seek? What are you willing to exchange for the wealth and blessings that you desire? In order to be blessed, we must be a blessing ourselves. Anything that you desire, anything that your mind can conceive, you can achieve–but first you must understand what it is that you are giving in exchange.

Everything in life, relationships, our economy, everything, is a cycle of giving and receiving, of wealth, value, flowing from place to place. You cannot expect the flow to come to you if you are not passing it on, allowing it to flow from you to bless the lives of others. (Recommended reading — The Gift: Imagination and the Erotic Life of Property, by Lewis Hyde.)

This is a critical question. It’s easy for some, tough for others. It is tied to the question of what are your gifts? I’ve had clients ponder this question for weeks and weeks. Don’t be afraid to let your answer go through several/many iterations before you find the answer that has heart and meaning for you!

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