Financial Breakthrough Workshop

Do you deserve to be Wealthy?

Do you have an abundance consciousness or a poverty consciousness?

Have you ever wished you could breakthrough your financial comfort zone?

Are your subconscious beliefs about money holding you back?

money breakthroughFind out about your fear of success, and fear of failure, as you release your issues with money and success to achieve a true Financial Breakthrough in this powerful one-day workshop.

What’s the real difference between you and those you consider wealthy or successful?

  • It’s not education. I can point to example after example of millionaires with high school educations or less.
  • It’s not intelligence.  I guarantee you are as smart or smarter than many of the people you’d consider wealthy.
  • It’s not the family you were born into.  There are many successful people who have come from humble beginnings.

In fact, I have no doubt that you already have all the resources you need to be successful (in whatever way YOU define success).

But something has held you back.  Call it:

  • Self Sabotage
  • Fear
  • Limitations
  • Negative Beliefs

Attend this full-day workshop and blow away those limiting beliefs! Find untapped resources! Move into an abundant life with joy!

Abundance is your birthright

Poverty is NOT a virtue

Creating WEALTH gives you choices

And those choices can give you peace of mind, health, time, education, security and make your world a more beautiful place.


Can Money buy happiness? Maybe it can. You can use your money to experience the magnificent offerings in life. And as a result, you may be happier, more loving, more satisfied with your self.  You may feel proud of yourself, rather than disappointed, and have an amazing sense of accomplishment.

You can find experiences that can bring you happiness.

You can participate in the abundant FLOW of money, able to give and receive peacefully and playfully.

You can let go of your worries about the little things that used to eat away at you when you constantly worried about money.

What is stopping you from allowing yourself to be wealthy?

This one-day, 8 hour training includes Hypnosis CDS, Booklet, Journal, Emotional Freedom Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Time Line Strategies!

Your investment is just $245 per person.  Save $50. Sign up with a friend and you each pay only $195.

Release limitations and fear

Become Magnetic to Money

Create an Abundant and Successful Future

Miracles Happen!

Get yours when you attend the next Financial Breakthrough Workshop

Yes! Enroll me!

Enter your information below and in the comments write “Next Financial Breakthrough Workshop.” You will be contacted and added to the list for the next upcoming workshop.


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