Creative Enhancement

Creativity is innate in humans although some have far greater developed creativity than others. Creativity is limited by personal beliefs and it can be developed and enhanced through hypnosis. If you believe you are a creative person, but you don’t participate in creative events, the creativity that you do have may decline as you get older because you are not using it, and therefore you might forget that you are creative.

Using hypnosis, you can greater enhance or develop creativity in your life. By using hypnotherapy, a person can find their own creative source within.

Speaking to a retired hypnotherapist who once worked in Santa Fe, New Mexico with the art community said he had two great examples of what an artist could achieve through enhanced creativity through hypnosis. He told me.

“In one case Southwest Artist Paula N. was doing average work, landscapes, and earning about $750-1250 per painting. A painting would take 3 weeks to a month, and that wasn’t enough to support the starving artist and her baby son. Her mother called the hypnotherapist for sessions for herself – for attitudinal youthening and for her daughter to become a richer and more famous artist. The sessions were productive, and over the next 40 days, the artist was selling her work for $1500-2500 and was producing more, and felt more creative. At least that’s what she said. At 90 days, she hit $5000 for one painting and got a 4 page story in a Southwest Artists Magazine. She continued to paint, and her work increased in value.”

“The other case was a hippie furniture designer who needed to raise money to pay IRS and take a vacation. He made a 40 day plan, and was hypnotized to do everything to make the plan a reality. His plan was in 40 days, debt paid, and on a plane to India. The hypnosis simply was visualization of his goals as achieved. He started with $42, and had a workshop, tools, wood, glue, and wood stain – and in 31 days he created and sold so much furniture that he was able to pay his entire debt to IRS; 7 days later he had his plane ticket and traveling cash and a few days later he flew to India.” The story continued because this young man had his heart broken in the US that caused him to want to go to India to seek a spiritual life – still, one week after arriving he met a young lady, daughter of a wealthy German banker, fell in love, returned to Germany where his new father-in-law introduced him to the banking industry and a great successful future.

In both cases the hypnosis helped the artists develop the creativity and motivation to achieve their creative goals and surpass them.

The connection between hypnosis and creativity was extensively explored since the mid 1960’s, but it has largely fallen to the wayside since the beginning of the 1990s (Council, Bromley, Zabelina, & Waters, 2007). A small body of research has been done in connection with the application of hypnosis to enhance creativity in subjects (Council, et al, 2007).

It is hypothesized that the link between creativity and hypnosis is that they are both adaptations of primary processes. Other studies have found significant correlations between measures of creativity and hypnosis. In a 1971 study by Bowers and van der Muelen, high and low hypnotizable subjects were administered three creativity measures (Shames & Bowers, 1992). High subjects produced significantly higher scores on eight of nine items (Shames & Bowers).

I have personally worked with musicians and other artists, and have seen them increase their creativity and productivity and even move into entirely new directions with their art. It is highly rewarding indeed to be part of bringing new artistic expression into the world!

If you’re feeling in need of creative inspiration, try hypnosis!

Gentle day,

Cindy Locher

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