Cindy speaking at Alchemy & You II event

Cindy Locher will be presenting at the upcoming Alchemy & You II series through the Metamorphosis Center.

In conjunction with the book launch for her new book, The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis, Cindy will be teaching a class entitled, “Hypnosis for Reaching Your Higher Self.”

Through the process of spiritual hypnosis, learn how to ask for and receive guidance from your Higher Self, (Higher Power, God or how you reference that Source). Cindy Locher, BCH, is one of the authors of the 2016 best seller, The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis, which tells the compelling stories of clients whom Cindy has led through this dramatic process to receive specific answers to questions about life path and choices, and Divine guidance to make powerful changes and heal challenges in their lives. Cindy is one of a handful of people in the world trained in this technique.

All hypnosis is actually self hypnosis, and this class teaches you a a Self-Hypnosis process to create your own hypnotic state. The process will be explained, you will be guided into hypnosis by Cindy, learn how to protect yourself so that only Divine energy can be accessed, and then taught to anchor your hypnotic state so that you can easily achieve the natural state of hypnosis on your own, and then you will be guided through the process of accessing the higher wisdom that is available to you.

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