Change how you feel this holiday season

You know, the holidays are supposed to be joyous and they are filled with expectations for all of us.  And memories.  And frustrations and relatives we aren’t that crazy about sometimes.

Maybe there’s something specific that you’d like to change how you feel about this holiday season?  Maybe it’s your sister in law, or ….  whatever it is for you!  Here’s one way to make a difference.

Take some time and write down everything you’re currently feeling about that person or situation.  Then set that aside.  Now write down how you’d LIKE to feel.  Really focus on feeling calmer, or forgiveness, or gratitude, or just being relaxed and in control.

Now, every night before you go to sleep read over what you wrote about how you WANT to feel, and visualize it.  Visualize meeting that person, for the holiday meal or whatever, and feeling calm and all the good, positive feelings you wrote about.  Make it as real as you can.  Then, just fall asleep.

With this as the last meaningful input to your mind before sleep, your subconscious will work on this issue all night long, working to give you what you want.

Do this every night, for at least 7 nights, and see how you feel differently when that holiday get-together rolls around!

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