Can You Be Hypnotized?


Is THIS your idea of hypnosis?

Can you be hypnotized?  Chances are the answer is yes.  The individual who cannot be hypnotized is very rare. It does happen, and is usually due to one of the of the following issues:

  • Intelligence below 75 IQ
  • Intoxication or inebriation to a high degree
  • Some prescription drugs or combination of prescription drugs that alter brainwaves
  • Brain injury or alteration due to an accident or surgery
  • An unaddressed, underlying fear of hypnosis, usually due to one of the common misconceptions about hypnosis.

If you don’t fall into one of the categories above, then you CAN be hypnotized.

Wait! You may say.  Somebody tried to hypnotize me in the past/I was at a hypnosis show/etc. and I didn’t “go under.”  So, I can’t be hypnotized, right?  Slow down a bit, not so fast.

Everyone hypnotizes a bit differently. It takes a great deal of training and experience to be adept at getting everyone who comes to you into hypnosis.  So let’s look at these situations one by one.

1.  Stage hypnotists need a group of people who go into hypnosis in the same way, because they’re hypnotizing everyone at the same time.  They’re looking for what we call “somnambulists.” People who go into hypnosis very easily, usually quite deeply, and are highly suggestible.  That’s about 20% of the population.  Which leaves 80% of the audience out (apparently including you).  The fact that you couldn’t be hypnotized in a stage setting does not mean you aren’t hypnotizable.  There’s also the chance that you are a somnambulist, but you didn’t want to make yourself vulnerable by being on stage.  Hypnosis is a consensual state, which means you have to give your consent, your permission, for hypnosis to happen.  You can’t be hypnotized against your will.

2.  Your buddy in college, or even that other hypnotist you went to, may not have the depth of training or the breadth of experience to be able to get the majority of people into hypnosis.  Once again, it’s about recognizing that everyone is different.  Some people really NEED to go into hypnosis quickly.  Some people need a slow, relaxing approach.  Some people are very analytical and need an approach suited to them. A good hypnotherapist has many ways of getting people into hypnosis.  Many hypnosis training programs are 4 or 5 days long.  In fact, most of them are about this long.  And some are even shorter than that.  (The initial certification trainings Jody and myself attended were both a year long, and we’ve continued our trainings well beyond even that.)  That buddy in college probably hypnotized a dozen or so people, total.  And it might not be that many more for that other hypnotist. Most hypnotists are part time, working hypnosis on the side while they hold a full time position elsewhere.

At ChangeWorks, we are full time hypnotherapists, and have been for over six years. This is our only job. Between us we have over 12,000 hours of clinical experience with clients, and even more experience teaching and training.  Chances are, we’ve seen other people who go into hypnosis just like you do, and we work with people as individuals, one by one, in a setting designed to give you the very best chance to have a GREAT experience with hypnosis, because you deserve the best!

Oh, and about that spiral image….you won’t find a bunch of spirals, incense, or pocket watches at ChangeWorks.  That’s not our style. We do clinical hypnosis and we are in the forefront of the movement bringing hypnosis into mainstream integrative medicine. Cindy teaches self hypnosis and Medical Hypnosis at Normandale Community College, and consults with the integrative health in nursing program at Metro State.  Jody is a pioneer in the field of using hypnosis to improve the quality of life for people with autism, and we both attend and speak to national conferences attended by physicians, clinical psychologists and other “mainstream” medical practitioners around the country.

So, don’t look for a bunch of spirals on our site.  Just the best hypnotherapy information so that you can be confident and reach your goals.




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  1. I would love to take some classes or be trained in as a hypnotherapist and I was wondering if you offer such trainings at your site or any of the colleges here in Minnesota, I live in Bloomington and I am just about to get on the way towards a degree in psychology my first classes start next week I am fully convinced this would be something quite wonderful to explore and learn moe about, so if you have any information please share it with me by phone 952.465.8094 or email thanks in advance.

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