About Jody Kimmell

Jody KimmellHi, my name is Jody Kimmell.  I am a certified Clinical and Medical Support Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.

Jody Kimmell, CHt, received his training at the acclaimed Hypnotherapy Academy of America (HHA) in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  There he learned techniques and processes from world-renowned hypnotherapist and founder of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, Gil Boyne.

Under the tutelage of Tim Simmerman, director of HHA, Jody returned to complete an internship at the Academy and received additional certifications as a Medical Support Hypnotherapist and in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).   The HAA provides one of the most comprehensive hypnotherapy training programs in the United States.

Jody Kimmell specializes in working with children and adults with ADD/ADHD and Aspergers/HFA. He is one of a handful of pioneers bringing the mind/body discipline of hypnosis to this field of work, and is sought out by clients both nationally and internationally.

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Jody Kimmell hypnosis

Jody Kimmell with a client

Jody’s Credentials and Acknowledgments

  • Instructor, Normandale Community College
  • Radio show personality, The Hypnotic Radio Hour, KDWA 1460 AM
  • Instructor, Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy
  • Professional Member, International Association of Counselors and Therapists

Jody Kimmell’s Professional Certifications

  • Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy class

    Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy class

    Clinical Hypnotherapist (ACHE)

  • NLP Practitioner (ACHE & NLNLP)
  • Parts Therapy Practitioner and Certified Trainer (Roy Hunter, through IACT/IMDHA)
  • Accelerated Healing (ACHE)
  • Pain Control/Medical Support Hynotherapy (ACHE)
  • Natal and Regression therapy (ACHE)
  • Smoking Cessation through the American Hypnosis Association (AHA)
Jody Kimmell specializes in working with children and adults with ADD/ADHD and Aspergers/HFA.  Click here to view more information about Jody’s work with children with Asperger’s.

My purpose as a hypnotherapist is to help clients connect to, and use, the resources within themselves to live a more satisfying life by teaching clients tools to use along with the innumerable resources of their subconscious mind. By using the natural, yet altered state of hypnosis, people can achieve extraordinary states of physical and mental relaxation and focus.  That, coupled with an intense emotional desire to create positive change or modify certain behaviors, incredible outcomes occur.  I believe that whatever you conceive, you can achieve!

I abide by and conform to the Code of Ethics of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

The end of a 40 year smoking habit:

First, thanks for showing me the way. I had been a smoker for about 40 years. I smoked a variety of brands of cigarettes. During the many times I attempted to stop smoking I would smoke cigars instead (but usually ended up smoking both).

I attempted to stop many times. My attempts were almost an annual affair. I tried cold turkey, acupressure, patches, gums, lozenges and E cigarettes. Some attempts were temporarily successful, but none had any lasting success. It’s not so much that they didn’t get me to stop, but they didn’t prevent me from having the constant desire. At the slightest trigger I would bum a smoke. That led to buying that one pack (The” I’ll quite right after I finish this pack” – pack).

I liked what I saw on the Changeworks Web Site and took a chance. I’m not exaggerating when I say this was a life altering adventure! My desire to smoke is gone; and my mind has the tools to put down any lingering temptations. I’ve been confronted with challenges that, in the past, I would have used as an excuse for that one cigarette-but I didn’t!  My wife says my complexion has changed and I look healthier!  I already feel so much better!

I would enthusiastically recommend any person with a sincere desire to stop smoking to contact Jody Kimmell at Changeworks Hypnosis Center.

Thanks again,

Charles N.

A testimonial from Dr. John B:

April 2017

I work as a hand surgeon and was referred to clinical hypnotherapist Jody Kimmell at ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center by my brother-in-law.  I was having a lot of anxiety about mistakes I made in the operating room and the effect those mistakes had on my patients.  It was very difficult for me to sleep through the night, and I would routinely wake up worrying about my patients.  These negative thoughts were constantly impacting my personal life for the worst.  I came to see Jody, and through his techniques I was able to let go of negative self-talk, and focus on the positive. Now I am able to relax, and focus much more easily! I found my confidence, and with it an inner peace. I am a much better person and surgeon because of my experience with Jody.

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