A heartfelt testimonial for Jody Kimmell

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 8.53.28 AMJody Kimmell recently received the following heartfelt testimonial, printed verbatim below.  Receiving these types of testimonials and knowing how we have positively impacted the lives of others is our reason for doing this work.  Thanks to all of you who have walked part of your journey with us!


February 3, 2016

Jody Kimmell is a hypnotist, yes, but to me – the mom of a formerly struggling 22-year-old son – he’s a miracle worker.

My son faced a multitude of developmental delays following a very difficult birth,  and medical experts said early on that he would probably never speak well enough to be understood, never read at grade level. While school-based and private therapy of every sort from age 17 months through sixth grade – and some as recently as this past summer – helped him overcome most of his physical challenges, it left him with nearly overwhelming feelings of inadequacy that he has struggled with since then. All my loving rah-rah encouragement meant nothing. Five years of working with a psychologist got us nowhere. My son simply did not believe in himself, and neither the most loving nor most reasoned words could change that core belief.

Although he was initially extremely resistant to the idea of hypnosis, Jody made a quick connection with my son and forged a real bond. Jody related to his struggles, understood his quirky brain wiring and empathized with his feelings. By the third session, I could see that Jody was helping my son unlock what I had not been able to do in 22 years. After their sixth session, my son told me that for the first time ever he was eager for the fall semester.

This year, college is finally what I always knew it could be for my son. He now sees himself as I have always seen him: capable, smart, strong, clever; easily as good as many in his chosen field and better than quite a few. He’s enjoying his life, excelling in his courses, sharing with underclassmen the many technical and creative skills he possesses, walking confidently into new situations, and building the strong social network that had always eluded him. He is becoming everything I knew he could be.

All my years of loving encouragement had only left me frustrated, and had left my son as discouraged as ever. My son, who had had – to put it in the best light – some very difficult semesters with many dropped and failed classes, now believes he can achieve anything he wants. Thanks to Jody, he’s gone from academic probation to two As, a B+ and a C last semester. He is a young man transformed– now eager and engaged in classes and in his life.

Before we met Jody, I was the only believer; now, we both believe. The young man who had nearly let go of his dream is three semesters from a professional career as a sports reporter. Yes! The boy who would “never speak well enough to be understood” has long dreamed of an on-air career. Now, thanks to Jody, he has the confidence to make it happen. If we’d not found him, the dream would have died and my son would be clerking at Sports Authority (a solid workaday job, but hardly the dream).

Jody has been a singular blessing in our lives. The gratitude I have for him is endless. The weight off of my shoulders is enormous. My son believing in himself is priceless.

Lori Anderson

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

(a long way from Apple Valley; I would have happily driven 10 times as far)

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